You can learn any drinks with a simple search online. So why attend Startenders? Because bartending is much more than memorizing recipes, and these guys understand that. More than the drinks, they emphasize the other facets of bartending like setting your bar for success, managing a crowd, being an entertainer, and paying special attention to your inventory. It's the attention to detail each minute that enabled me, a Startenders grad, to not only secure a bartending position but to also flourish at it while making a good amount of money in the process. I knew Greg when I was a bouncer for a club that he bartend at. Watching him work it was clearly evident that he was much more efficient and successful at his craft than his fellow workers. It was that firsthand observation that led me into taking his course. And I can proudly say that if you come to my place of work you will also observe that same efficiency and mastery behind the bar. I owe that skill to Greg and his Startende

Vlad Masillon
Roof on the Wit