In Chicago, you have a choice on where you want to go to bartending schools. Make this your choice, and you won't be disappointed. The owners and instructors literally put their hearts and souls into their business and it shows. Other schools will not be able to provide you with the passion and the knowledge that they can. They expect the best and teach the best. It is not a blow-off class. You must study every night after class, and put your full effort in during the day. You are behind the bar on day one, and are bartending for your classmates by the end of the second week. Although the class is rigorous, it is a blast!! With house music pumping in the background, and lessons taught with Smartboard technology, the four hours each day will fly by. You will laugh, dance, make mistakes, get better, and be pumping out drinks by the end of the week. You will learn tricks of the trade from real experts who take great pride in what they do. So, stop looking at other schools. Make your dec

Abby Graefe
Casey Moran's