I survived the 2 craziest weeks of my life!! This course is awesome for anyone who wants to think about possibly getting a bar tending job... or be crazy enough to want to open their own bar. It can literally take someone who doesn't know a single drink recipe or how to count pours (like me) and turn them into a bartender! Greg is a great instructor. He knows what he is a talking about, is very honest and keeps his students engaged. He can also be strict about the course materials, so make sure you really want this and have time to study before you start. The 1st week is rough with studying and memorizing. NOTE: If you know that you are going to be busy this week you may want to push it off until after the class! You are expected to be here every day on time (you can come in early to practice your pours if you want). During this week there will be a test every day so be prepared!! The 2nd week is faster paced and is a little more fun. I think my favorite part of this class

Kit Alvear
The Cellar Door