A list program helped me a lot. I have to say big thank you to my teacher. Everything was explained very good, all of the lectures were interesting and easy to understand, I learned all of the basic recipes, the teacher told us a lot of interesting and helpful tips, taught us how to multitask and be a very clean bartender. The discipline was pretty strict and it made me study for all of the test and the final exam, which I consider a very good thing, because without it I would never learn the drink recipes and probably wouldnt get a job. When I see people new to the industry who just got their license and just got their first bartending job, I understand that two years ago when I was a newbie I knew much more than they do and I was way more confident in what I do behind the bar than they are. Another amazing thing what A List does is that students can come and practice anytime and dont have to pay for it. Practice is very important and you guys give the students an amazing opportunity

Ksenia Plastinina