My name is Jamie Loftus,I completed bar tending school at A List Startenders less then two weeks ago and I have already landed my first bar tending job. I start tonight May 29th at 115th Bourbon Street Merrionette Park,Il. I can say without a doubt Greg at A List prepared me in every way possible to successfully and confidently find a position bar tending. I think many people in the general public think to themselves, " How effective can a 40 hour bar tending school really be?" I am hear to tell you first hand that A List Stardenders is breaking the mold and has exceeded all of my expectations. Greg Tatavosian is the owner/teacher/creator of this incredible school, his interactive classes and curriculum are so thorough that I can not help but say I am truly impressed. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. Needless to say Greg set me up for complete success to find the best opportunity possible to start my career in this industry.

Jamie Loftus
Bourbon Street