My experience at A List was incredible. I was opening up a bar and had never tend bar before, and they took me through a two week crash course boot camp. At the end of those two weeks you can just about bartend anywhere in the city, and be damn good at it. Greg teaches you all of the bad habits of most bartenders and how to overcome them, as well as give you an understanding of liquor and pour costs, which as a bar owner is something I want my employees to understand. Anybody who has graduated from A List is very hire able. The things that go unnoticed to the untrained eye like pour counts, spillage, efficiency behind the bar, and speed are a huge focus of the class. Anybody can learn the 40 required drinks you must learn to pass the class, but can you do it with a full bar, music blasting, efficiently and quickly while ringing in money as well? This is what they will prepare you for in their live simulations. It's great stuff. You can also trust this company, because in my class I w

Joe Davern(Owner)
Davern's Tavern