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Intensive Skillbuilding: Bartending & Mixology (Private Class)

Daily life has been turned upside down! Hope, though, is on the horizon, and convening with friends over a drink and good food WILL, once again, become a part of the human experience we all crave.

The hospitality industry will be making a comeback with a vengeance, and A-List Startenders is now offering a new course, Intensive Skillbuilding: Bartending & Mixology a private bartending & mixology class to prepare you for a career as a master bartender & mixologist.

Take advantage of this low-cost limited time offer to reap the benefits of 1:1 learning with Greg, the owner & founder of A List Startenders who has helped launch the career of thousands of bartenders! Benefit from a course completely tailored to you and your needs AND learn all the subtle details of the craft in a hands-on fully functioning bar environment from a highly experienced bartender and coach!

Whether you have limited experience, no experience, or you just need a jumpstart to get back in the game, Intensive Skillbuilding: Bartending & Mixology is the class for you! Prepare to enter or re-enter the exciting industry of bartending by taking our new class - it’s private, it’s safe, and it’s intensely focused on you and only you!

Contact us by email at info@aliststartenders.com or by phone at 773.628.7470 to schedule your private class today!

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