Thank you A List for creating a program that is professional and so much fun!! Greg and Anthony are the best when it comes to knowing what separates professional bartenders from all the rest. You can tell that they truly enjoy what they do because they still bartend themselves and really do want to help you. This is not a place where you are going to get ripped off. You will go to class and take tests. Expect to learn everything there is to know about making the most popular drinks, customer service, multi-tasking, sanitation and liquor knowledge/sales. Also, what separates A List from other schools like ABC or Elite is the fact that I was taught in a state of the art environment. The classroom has a touch screen projector, the bar is fully equipped with soda guns and a POS system...WOW!! I already have some interviews too and just got certified! Now, I feel confident and cant wait to start bartending!! Best of luck A List!!

Alycia LaPonte
The Snuggery